Just forget it...
— A sad Sammy breaking up with Raina

Full Name Samuel
Unknown rest of name
Gender Male
Bully? No
First Seen Music Class
Current Age 35yrs. (estimate)
Related to Unknown
Friends With Raina(formerly)(ex-girlfriend),

Samuel[1] is a kind boy with green eyes and used to be in love with Raina until she didn't show up at the school dance.

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Good, I have something to give you.
— Sammy after Raina agreed to go to the dance.

Sammy was first seen when Raina entered her first music session in 7th Grade. Her friend told her that she would smell bad because it was right after P.E., however Sammy didn't show any response to Raina's sweat or smell. Sammy and Raina awkwardly stared at each other in love for a moment. Then Sammy smiled. Raina and Sammy start talking and tell each other what grade they're in. Raina tells Sammy she's in 7th grade, which surprises Sammy. Their relationship started. However, both of them were in love with each other, and none of them were courageous enough to admit their love to each other. One day, the school dance was coming, and Sammy asked Raina if she was coming, without knowing that by time, Raina had been so confused who to pick; Sean or Sammy?. Raina replied "I dunno". When the time for the dance came, Raina went, but she felt sick. So she went home. The next day, in music class, Sammy gave Raina the box of chocolates he was supposed to give her at the dance. Then, Sammy told Raina to just forget it. And that was the end of their relationship.

Raina sees Sammy later, talking with other girls, completely ignoring her, while she has a sad expression on her face. She most likely hopes things had gone a different path.

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